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How To Work and Manage Opt In Leads

- June 3, 2010, 1:23 pm | Opt In Leads Information

The 7.6 Million leads are to be used by you, or your customers who buy or rent the lists, to build a different list. The goal is to build a customer list – people who have acted on your initial ad and have shown an interest or purchased from you. This is your ‘mother lode!’ It is not uncommon to get a 40% response rate from these ‘customer’ lists. So instead of getting 2 visitors to your web site for every 100 emails you send, you can get 40!

managing Opt In Leads
Build your own gold mine - because your success is equal to your effort.

To use an analogy, this process is a lot like panning for gold. You have to start out with a lot of rocks in your pan, and shake them out to find the gold. When you find a piece of gold you set it aside, and you keep up the process. You do it over and over again. 

And the next month you do it again but maybe with a little different technique.

It is statistically impossible to fail at this process, unless your product or web site is dubious. And even then there will be buyers.

Also keep in mind this process. An email you send to lead #24586 today may get deleted without being read. Maybe lead #24586 is just having a bad day, or the subject didn’t catch his eye, or he was just in a hurry to meet his friends for lunch.

There are so many variables that the danger you face is assuming that the process is flawed. It is not flawed. It needs to be worked. And you cannot truly say the process is worked unless you have sent several different email ads to the same leads – over a period of time.

One thing is certain. Those variables change. The next email to lead #24586 might come when a thunderstorm hits his area, and he is taking a break at his desk and decides to open your email and read it. He is not rushed this time, and he is staying in for lunch because of the weather.

The only time the lead stops becoming a lead is when they ask to be removed.

I always approach it this way: the people who are not responding to my ad have a right to do that, and I blame myself. My ad wasn’t compelling enough. My job is to study up and improve.


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