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Stop Giving Your Words Away
The antidote for selling your craft too cheap
- May 1, 2010, 5:51 pm | Freelancing

For the past few weeks I have been spending a lot of time looking at websites such as rentacoder.com and freelancer.com. It had been a few years since I visited these sites, having been a member, soliciting for work during slow periods. Years ago I knew that this was a technical 'meat market', watching providers with obvious technical skills offering their services for pennies on the dollar.

freelance writing writers
If ten unique articles can bring in $20 a month it stands to reason that 100 articles can bring in $200 a month.

My most recent survey of these sites showed me more troubling trends. Not only are high-tech programmers selling their soul for a few bucks, now you have skilled writers willing to accept a few dollars for 500 words of their creative talent. As a professional writer, I find it most troubling. To think that those anxious days of high school and college, where a 500 word essay assignment would worry A to C students alike, now has a price tag of less than five dollars.

Exploitation? Perhaps, in some cases. Maybe these writers consider the 300 to 500 word articles throwaways. There is a difference between the writing that you keep in your portfolio and the many paragraphs you write on your way to achieving 'good' writing. Still, I can't help but wonder if these writers are simply misguided in a business sense. Would it not it be better if they were willing to write 500 word articles, using their own talent and effort, to simply write the articles for themselves?

If you are reading this you have a good idea what a website with 100 unique, 500 page articles would be worth with a little SEO and well-placed AdSense boxes. That's what the article buyers are planning to do anyway.

Good writing is a skill, deserving the same respect one would give a pianist, or an artist, or an actor. Some will disagree with that assessment - but I stand by it. If you are a good writer and are selling your words for less than the price of a pair of socks, take a timeout. Contact me and I will be more than happy to provide you, for free, all the tools you will need to keep ownership of your words while sharing it with the world and earning money every month from your creativity and effort.

I once read that a 10 'unique' Article web site  earns, on average, $20 per month through AdSense. I am sure the topic of the articles matters, but I feel comfortable with this average. So if ten unique articles can bring in $20 a month it stands to reason that 100 articles can bring in $200 a month, give or take.

Consider this:
If you have the skills to be a good writer you can write your own paycheck. Imagine if you were serious enough, and you were willing to write two 300-500 word articles a day, for yourself (and your loved ones), you would have an inventory of 730 well written, unique articles. Based on the formula above that would gross you over $1,400 a month. Even if the figures quoted above are off by 50% that still gives you $750 a month. It is like guaranteeing yourself a monthly stipend, or free rent, or a free car lease.


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