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The List Overuse Myth

- June 3, 2010, 1:30 pm | Opt In Leads Information

I suppose I can understand why some people are concerned about this, but if you really consider it closely you will see that it is a non-issue.

email list overuse
There are no bad leads - only bad marketing efforts.

You would have to be pretty naïve to think that anyone who gives their contact information in order to receive a free report or software or coupon does not receive a lot of solicited and un-solicited email. Yet, does that make the person a bad lead? Of course not. 

And it is very likely that many of the people who are in our lead database are also in others. It is the nature of the beast.

Focusing on what might be wrong or what might happen badly is a waste of your energy.

I know that this list is of interest to many because the list has not been used - and people like that idea, regardless if it has any merit. But I also know that a list that had been used 100 times has as much potential as one used once. 

It is all in your ability to send a compelling message to the lead. It is all dependent on your ability, and the different variables that occur in the lives of each of these leads. So a manageable, systematic and creative approach is the best way to ensure greater success – not how many times a list has been used.

And it’s not like the people on the list communicate and get together and decide to boycott your ads. 


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